Teeth Cleaning For Dogs

Did you know that four out of five dogs have dental problems caused by dental plaque and tartar?

Pip's Pet Grooming would like to help our customers by offering teeth cleaning service. Like us humans, regular cleaning of our teeth will maintain healthy teeth and gums. And like us humans, regular visits to the dentist will highlight any oral problems quickly.  Dogs are just the same, regular teeth cleaning and regular checks at the vets will keep your dogs oral health in check.

We use the latest ultrasound technology to clean and maintain your dog's teeth & gums. This can be carried out each time your dog is groomed or on a more regular basis should you require. 

Below are some images of a dog I have had in my salon and whose teeth I cleaned. It took only 3 sessions to remove the build of plaque you can see in the first image. If you are interested in finding out more about dogs teeth cleaning or anything else to do with dog grooming please feel free to contact me on Tel: 07936652169






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