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lhasa apso in the bath

Winter is coming, the nights are drawing in, the ground is getting wet and soggy, and worst of all after walking your dog he/she is now getting really dirty and possibly beginning to smell.

You could bathe them in your own bath/shower but as we know that is not always the easiest solution. They won't keep still, they shake a spread mucky water everywhere. And even if the bathing part does go well, you end up with a sopping wet dog charging are the house at 100MPH.

But what is the alternative?

Pip's Pet Grooming offers a simple Wash n' Go service.

A while you wait bathing service. Drop your smelly pouch off, at a time that suits you, and they will enjoy a lovely bath and then a quick dry, to remove the excess water, with the latest high-pressure dryers. 

Voila, one clean, sweet-smelling pouch ready for cuddles.

All from as little as £7.50.