Pip's Bath Clinic

Option One:

This option is what we call our Wash'n Go service.  Suitable for dogs with a lower maintenance coat, for example, Boxers, Labradors, Jack Russels, Short-haired Spaniels. This is how it works, you just bring along your dog. They will be bathed, using the same high-quality shampoo as a full groom, then towelled dried, ready for collection.  The whole process doesn't take long at all.  This is ideal if your dog is dirty after a walk, perhaps rolled in something unpleasant or just starting to smell.

Option Two:

This is a more comprehensive bathing service, more suited to dogs with higher maintenance coats, for example, Poodle ( or poodle mixed breeds), long-haired Spaniels, German Sheppards, Border Collies. For this option, your dogs will be bathed in the same high-quality shampoo, then dried using a modern stand and hand-held driers until the dog are completely dry and mat-free. Finally, a spray of cologne to leave your dog looking and smelling beautiful.